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14th Annual Jazz Up Dunnellon
Saturday, October 20, 2012



Jazz Up Dunnellon is on Saturday October 20th 2012 in Dunnellon Florida. Jazz up is an annual event for the City of Dunnellon Florida. Hear Live music in the streets of Dunnellon During the Jazz Up Dunnellon Festival. JAZZ UP DUNNELLON is sponsored by the Dunnellon Chamber of Commerce on the streets of downtown Dunnellon. 5-10 pm Saturday October 20th. Cutler Spur music is a blend of old school country with southern rock flavor. There is something on this CD for everyone from fast to slow. I hope everybody enjoys this musical project and be sure to look for Cutler Spur on tour.
Being raised by a singing guitar playing cowboy rubbed off on Cutler early. As a young boy growing up in the rural town of Leroy Texas, family and friends would take weekend horseback rides 10 or so miles to the DQ in Elm Mott where they would water the horses and grab a small snack before returning to the farm. Then they would take out the guitars and start picking and singing. It was there that Cutler got his beginning. He was hooked on music. Especially Daddy’s kind. Hank Sr, George Jones and Jimi Hendrix often made the play list in the 8 track player of his daddy’s 68 Gran Torino. Cutler was always singing along with the songs then began writing his own in Junior High. After graduating High School he went straight into the United States Marine Corps. During his tenure in the USMC his passion for music was growing. On weekends or off time you could find him sitting in with the local bands or picking with friends. After 5 years and receiving his Honorable discharge he formed his first band. The heavy metal outfit “High Point Drive”. Cutler wrote and sang all his original material. It was a great experience but it did not do the trick. In 1999 he moved to Florida after his Mom passed away in Texas. Her inspiration motivated Cutler to pursue his dream. So he got back to his roots and began playing his own home grown style of music. That style being “Southern Country Rock”


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